Monday, December 21, 2009

So long SE Asia....

So this is it; our last day on holiday. It is sad to be finishing up, but quite a good feeling to be going home again.

We have been up to quite a bit over the past few days in Hanoi:

On Saturday we did a cooking school and market tour with 'The Hanoi Cooking Centre'. This was a brilliant experience; learning about all of the herbs and various vegetables unique to Vietnamese cooking, and then cooking up a mighty feast of Vietnamese deliciousness together. We made: Banana flower salad, seafood spring rolls, caramel pork and a sesame and peanut che (sweet dessert soup). It was all soo good, and hopefully we will be able to recreate some of the magic back at home. That is if I can ever find a banana flower in Auckland...

Yesterday (Sunday) Vanessa had an exciting e-mail come through from Adelaide University; She has been awarded an 'Australian Postgraduate Award' scholarship to study for her PhD next year!!! Good on you Nessa!!
To celebrate this excellent news we went out to 'Brother's Cafe' for lunch. This is a beautiful restaurant serving an extensive Vietnamese-food buffet located in the courtyard of an old Chinese temple. Very swanky indeed! So we had a wonderful leisurely 'last lunch on holiday' together and celebrated Nessa's success.

So we are flying back home at 1:30pm today. See everyone back at home soon!

- E & V.

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