Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fried Bananas and Fanta.

Favourite things today: Fried Bananas for Breakfast and New Fanta flavours: Lychee and Fruit punch!
Punctures: 0
Kms covered: 290kms

We ended up altering our planned route a bit, and spent last night in Skuon (95km from Pnom Penh). It was a pretty nice little town, with some great food ; ) We are having a great time checking out the local eateries and scoffing Khmer rice/veggies/meat dishes. Always pretty cheap and HUGE portions!

Today was spent cycling to Kampong Thom (~90km from Skuon). It is really HOT in Cambodia (mid-30s by 9am), so it is pretty tough going, and the distances seem a lot further than they might in NZ... We have been drinking around 5 litres a day! The people are always really friendly, and we have enjoyed non-stop "hello"s and waves from every (literally!) child we pass. Even the adults, who are a bit shy, have been smiling at us and saying "hello". It is really nice to have this interraction with the local people along the way. I don't think that most travellers have the same pleasure.

Sorry, no photos yet. We should be in Siam Reap in the next few days and will rectify the situation.

All the best to everyone back in New Zealand (and Australia). We are having a wonderful time, but thinking of you all.

Vanessa and Elisha xox


  1. Hey babe, sounds like you are having an awesome time with Vanessa. I arrived in London safely.

    Love you

  2. Glad to see that the puncture count is currently zero :)



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